North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club

All our events are open to both junior and senior Motorcycling Australian licence holders. Our membership is open to any senior MA licence holder and juniors (as part of a family membership). We are equally committed to developing both our juniors and seniors. Among our members are many junior and senior Australian and state champions in dirt track, long track and speedway. And we welcome and accommodate all competitors, regardless of experience or ability. We provide fun, competitive and safe racing for all.

Please note that all calendar dates are subject to change and you should be checking the calendar regularly!

If you, or your children, are interested in racing or just practicing, come and join the fun of dirt track or club level speedway. It is something the whole family can do from the age of 4 years until you feel too old, for boys and girls, mums and dads.

2017 North Brisbane Cup Rider List - as at 14.02.2018

Reg Comp No. First Surname Bike Details Associated Club
2 Brayden Bradford KTM Townsville MCC
5 Bray Bowden KTM MHJMCC
5 Jack wilkes KTM MHJMCC
7 Callan Davies Honda NBJMCC
12 Ashley Woolford Suzuki BMCC
16 Cyshan Weale Kawasaki Suncoast JMC
17 Jason Martin   NBJMCC
23 David Radford KTM Maryborough MCC
23 Blake Goulding Yamaha NBJMCC
26 Presley Parker Honda NBJMCC
27 Jackson Archibald Honda NBJMCC
27 Bailey Spencer KTM Coffs Harbour MCC
27 Brooke Goulding Yamaha NBJMCC
27 Jackson Archibald Honda NBJMCC
31 John Kittle Maico490 BMCC
32 Liam Payne   NBJMCC
34 Roque Da Silva KTM MHJMCC
36 Ben Cartwright Yamaha NBJMCC
39 Rowan Millar KTM/ Husky NBJMCC
46 Hikaru Aksu Honda MHJMCC
46 Lachlan Stanford Husqvarna Suncoast JMC
49 Darren Fien Suzuki NBJMCC
50 Colin Metcher 1977 Maico 400 BMCC
52 Cooper Cousins KTM MHJMCC
54 Matt Murry Husqvarna Gympie
59 David Grainger Suzuki Maryborough MCC
62 Amy King Honda Coffs Harbour MCC
67 Gavin Sneddon Yamaha Maryborough MCC
72 Jay Southwell Honda NBJMCC
76 Benjamin McLaughlin Honda NBJMCC
77 Guy Westerman Yamaha BMCC
78 Ben Mann Yamaha Maryborough MCC
81 Max Whale Kawaski NBJMCC
87 Cooper Archibald KTM NBJMCC
88 Tye Hambleton Yahama BMCC
91 Taiyo Aksu KTM MHJMCC
92 Daniel knight Yamaha NBJMCC
94 Adam Liebke   NBJMCC
94 Justin Gordon KTM MHJMCC
97 Jack McLaughlin KTM NBJMCC
104 Jeremy Crowe KTM Condobolin Auto Sports Club
110 Zak Pettendy KTM MHJMCC
111 Morty Michelmore Yamaha NBJMCC
123 Alex Morelli Husqvarna Kingaroy
138 Steve Curtis Suzuki VMX
144 Alex Nelson KTM NBJMCC
145 Allan Hughes Yamaha NBJMCC
150 Declan Hutchison Suzuki NBJMCC
161 Cooper Andersen KTM Townsville MCC
164 Harry Maxwell KTM Whitsunday MCC
167 Anika Loftus KTM MHJMCC
171 Taylen Howard KTM MHJMCC
172 Allister Barnett   BMCC
176 Paul Meginley Yamaha BMCC
179 Sean Doak Yamaha Maryborough MCC
185 Daniel Arnold Yamaha Maryborough MCC
192 Wayne Skyring Honda BMCC
194 Darren Rogers Suzuki BMCC
207 Cooper Poschich KTM MHJMCC
217 Viv Muddle KTM NBJMCC
217 Simon Broad Honda BMCC
224 Jordy Loftus KTM MHJMCC
239 Glenn Nelson KTM NBJMCC
260 Eli Mathers Yamaha NBJMCC
260 William Stout Honda NBJMCC
268 Danielle McLaughlin   NBJMCC
270 Seth Qualischefski Husqvarna MHJMCC
270 Jamie McMurdo Husqvarna Australian sidecarcross association
272 Mack Moskwa Honda MHJMCC
285 Andrew Blom Yamaha BMCC
308 John Lytras Yamaha 250cc NBJMCC
341 jim jobling Kawaski Gunnedah MCC
352 Caleb Browne Yamaha MHJMCC
404 Ashar Brown KTM Maryborough MCC
422 Riley Nauta KTM NBJMCC
466 Adrian Webb Husqvarna BMCC
490 Mitchell Kruger Honda NBJMCC
491 Kayden Downing KTM Townsville MCC
503 Lil Brianny Litzow Husqvarna Sunshine Coast MCC
546 Jett Kubelka KTM MHJMCC
560 Damien Koppe KTM Townsville MCC
578 Aston Davis KTM MHJMCC
585 Anthony Gordon KTM MHJMCC
598 Rory McQualter KTM MHJMCC
650 Miles Roe BSA BMCC
666 Jai Williams KTM MHJMCC
666 Thomas Fairley Yamaha NBJMCC
671 Ben Montgomery KTM NBJMCC
746 Andrej Djerdj Yamaha Maryborough MCC
771 Jake Moore KTM NBJMCC
777 Lex Grayson Honda Coffs Harbour MCC
783 Tom Kruger Honda sscmcc
818 KYE Thomson Kawaski NBJMCC
864 Tristan Adamson KTM MHJMCC
960 Steve Dingle Honda NBJMCC
996 Hayden Franklin KTM Townsville MCC
997 Cougar Arhipoff Husqvarna MHJMCC
 29H. Harrison Voight Husqvarna MHJMCC
C11 Chase Nelson   MHJMCC
27 Greg Parsonage   Coffs Harbour MCC
A07 Koen Auer Kawaski MHJMCC
A10 Adam Bevan Honda NBJMCC
C23 Nate Moskwa Kawaski MHJMCC
F78 Sandra McQueen Husqvarna BMCC
J16 Jacob Salih KTM MHJMCC
N48 Nick Durmisov Kawaski MHJMCC
Qu 77 Paul Sykes Yamaha Ayr MCC
  Aliyah Goulding KTM NBJMCC
  Bailey Spencer KTM Coffs Harbour MCC

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NBJMCC No BYO Alcohol to Open Meets

The North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club is a No BYO Alcohol to open meets. Please respect this ruling and support the club by buying their supplied alcohol instead.


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