EOIs Speedway Operations at NB


Members Notice

Date: 20 December 2020


RE: NBJMCC Speedway Operations Expressions of Interest.


The Executive Committee of NBJMCC seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from accredited individuals and/or businesses interested in progressing the operation of the Speedway discipline at North Brisbane for the 2021 Season. This EOI has come after a review of the club’s operations in 2021 and identifying resource shortfalls that are required to maintain the high standards enjoyed throughout the 2019/2020 Speedway seasons. NBJMCC’s business is in a growth phase and as such has a requirement to focus its limited available resources on its core business of being a Junior Dirt Track Motorcycle Club. With respect to the Speedway discipline’s growth, the Club seeks alternative methods of maintaining an operationally and financially viable solution that will provide work seamlessly with its core business operations. 

Interested Parties are to demonstrate in their EOI’s with consideration to the requirements outlined below:

        Maintain the core value and major purpose of use of the site being a Junior Motorcycle venue and thus demonstrated inclusions for Juniors in the vast majority of events.

        Maintain the core (Club Day type) Speedway participation of a B, C and entry grades in considerations of a % of events.

        Maintain an affiliation and respect of operations with our senior controlling body, Motorcycling QLD.

        Maintain a relationship standard with other Clubs so as not to schedule conflicting dates.

        Maintain a Code of Conduct in respect to NBJMCC Committee and Membership.

       Provide a detailed list of nominated officials for the Term.

       Provide a forecast schedule of events (IE: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

       Provide an Offer of Tiered Financial Terms for Track and or Associated resources use in proportion to level of Events. (IE: Night / Day / Coaching / Practice / Major Events / Minor Events.)

        Demonstrate a capacity to meet agreed financial terms individually in advance.

        Demonstrate an ability to provide associated approvals/permits for food and alcohol vendor Sales.

        Demonstrate an ability to provide associated approved First Aid / EMT for all events.

        Demonstrate an ability to provide associated COVID Management Plans and nominated Plan Manager if required.

        Demonstrate an ability to provide experienced equipment operators in lieu of using existing Club infrastructure and equipment.

        Detail your past experiences with Event Management, Promotions and Speedway Operations.

Expiry Date for EOI is 6pm Friday January 8th, 2021 for the Executive Committee to review and respond. Should the Club fail to receive suitable responses to the EOI it will review its position and respond to Members accordingly within a suitable timeframe.

EOI are to be directed emailed to: president@nbjmcc.org.au


Andrew Brook. (President)